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20 February 2008 @ 11:21 pm
On LL a few days ago, there was a topic about a guy who helped his best friend's girlfriend cheat and had an IT'S A TRAP moment. He was being really obnoxious about trying to find out for sure so he could rat her out to her boyfriend. Naturally I took it into my own hands to help and managed to track down the boyfriend, but it turns out she's pretty much terrified him to do anything anyway and there's not much I could do about it at this point.

Operation Bail The Cheating Whore
Mission: Aborted

So my mom got paid today or whatever, and she bought food and agreed to buy me a sandwich. On the way home, she listened to Michael Savage (she only listens to politicians she hates) and it turns out he's miserable and doing that "everyone is miserable" BS. He was like, almost in tears during the show, no shittin'. He's the third most listened to talkshow host in America... so wouldn't it be neat if I converted him to an Atheist? I wanna see what happens.

Operation Religious Wrong
Mission: Start

...calling in to a radio show is way out of my comfort zone though. I wonder if there's another way.

Also wtf I'm back up to 119 pounds. I hope that one sandwich wasn't all it took for me to get back the weight...
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18 February 2008 @ 09:03 am
I just slept through the night because my damn alarm didn't go off. I have to say I do not see what is so great about this. I feel so... broken... ish? and I think my liver is cramping. nothing wrong with it, its just cramped because I laid on top of it all night.

I've decided to join PETA, too. My goal being to usurp that shitty leader they have now and make PETA non-retarded. Focus more on the things like bullfighting or free to good home ads, and less on the seal clubbing thing* and other stupidity. Because once I got in I could tell they were doing some things right, but if I had to join it to see that and its goal is social change...

*Humans are seals' natural predators and if we didn't club them they'd overpopulate and eat all their food sources and die. Actually, they ARE killing their prey and it's throwing the fish populations out of whack and but since fish aren't cute and cuddly nobody cares about them. The point is we should start clubbing more, or randomly start sterilizing seals.

I got a bunch of DS games in the mail. I've played Phantom Hourglass and am now playing Elite Beat Agents and Lunar Knights. I have to say, getting a bunch of DS games in the mail randomly has really changed my opinion of the system for the better.

Boobs~ I'm growing them. It's neat.

Oh, have I even posted since I decided to be a doctor?

Well, I have. That'll be fun.

Oh! You know how in class and stuff people talk about their most embarassing moments? I never really had anything to share there because I've never really been embarassed. But the... day before yesterday?I got something. I tried to hook up Lati with some girl from #tssupport and it turned out she was like 27 and also had a date the next day. The only way it could have been more awkward would be if Lati was actually there.

Oh, and I've been almost completely out of food for like a week. I've lost like ten pounds that I didn't really need to lose but my boobs are still growing so whatever. I just get to gain weight when my parents actually get some money, that'll be fun.
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05 January 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Get a fucking hobby.

I... want to make a long entry flaming you over what a completely inept dumbass you are. I outright told NGS everything they (don't) need to know months ago during an already unstable part of my life thanks to you and other nameless trolls who take it beyond harmless funtime trolling and into actual harmful personal territory.

but I am really feeling kind of underslept right now. Not in the mood to write an epic speech.

Entry preserved for historicl purposes. Flygon wang removed.

You deserve worse than what I just did, you sociopath.
03 January 2008 @ 06:35 pm
Today, my mom went to the therapist and I had to come with because it was right next to my school which is a fair way away from home. Except I didn't come (and I really wonder why not, I'm told most of the session was about me... I bet that's a cover-up, all she's talked about is what he said about dad.) and I just sat in the waiting room for an hour.

Lately I've been adaoting to a Dyraxion sleep schedule, half-hour naps at 2:15 and 7:15 AM and PM. I was there at 2:15 and was actually able to just sit down there on that chair and take a nap. I even woke up at 2:46. It was the coolest ****ing thing I've ever done. Until this old guy came in and I was able to tell that he'd developed knee problems from his weight and recently gotten liposuction by the dangling skin on his legs (actually this just looked like a lump, but he scratched it so I could tell) and neck and the fact that he had crutches and didn't seem to like bending his knees... and the fact that he was in Wisconsin and not really fat.

I'm pretty proud of myself for those things!
31 December 2007 @ 10:10 pm
1) Finish high school. By the end of 2008.
2) Hold a lengthy, coherant conversation in French without help.
29 December 2007 @ 04:20 am
Ok! Time for a new entry.

For around a month now, I've had an awful toothache. I was mostly content to just take some Tylenol once or twice a day, but I ran out of the Tylenol and my parents wouldn't buy more on the grounds that there was no difference between the ones that tdid work and the ones that didn't. So around Christmas Eve I started sleep hax. The basic idea is that sleep deprivation gets the body to prioritize REM sleep, which you only get about an hour and a half of every day. I am sleeping for three hours and getting more than you.

Anyway, because of one of those two things, the toothache got unbearable and I ended up doing crazy **** to get rid of the pain. Borrowing my mom's propoxyphene, hammering myself in various places to get my brain to release endorphins or whatever the hell happens, alcohol, etc. I'm impressed with myself in that they all WORKED. I didn't do much sleeping though. HOWEVER! I firmly believe that if I weren't haxing my sleep I wouldn't have slept at ALL. Really says something for my sleep hax idea.

So I went to the dentist, he said I haev an infection. Called it. He gave me some vicodin and two antibiotics to take three times daily. So I just have one of each after every nap.

It gets lonely late at night though. So I've taken up Python and I'm learning GarageBand. During my best nap so far, i got an amazing idea on what 3D Sonic should be like so I'm going to head Sonic Team France and do that. Also I've decided to become a doctor, hence France.

Christmas haul:
Sonic Rush (Haven't played since my DS charger is missing)
Sonic Rush Adventure (returning since I have a copy)
Super Monkey Ball 2 (Probably one of my favorite games ever.)
Nightshade (Haven't opened)
2000 Wii Points (DKC2 is great, but I'm a little disappointed that it's basically DKL2. On the other hand, I loved that game as a kid. I didn't love ANYTHING as a kid.)
18 November 2007 @ 01:46 am
also it just kicked in hardcore. I got emotions again. Like, all of them. at once.

I missed them! <3 even the bad ones!

I'm not on enough spiro though. 25 mg is like nothing. =|
10 November 2007 @ 04:25 pm
Oh I saw a therapist.

He wasn't an idiot; I like him. I'll probably have my pills back by the end of next week.
30 August 2007 @ 03:09 am

-I went to school to avoid going to school by talking to the principal and some other guy. I succeeded to some extent. I'm gonna do this... thing at Goodwill. It's 3 hours per day, and I have to get a job which I was planning on doing anyway so I still have four hours on everyone to screw around/code. Also I was having a hard time finding a job with no references or education... hell, I'd consider this if I wasn't being forced into it. Sweet deal.

-NGG found my shitty old Blurty and stuff so I told them I was a multiple to buy some time until I could talk to Buckets about it because I figured I should tell him first... technically third, I told Tempest a while ago and Dark Locke knew from LUE. Also then I told them I was a trap, almost immediately after getting a new lj just to conceal that I was a trap. Annoying. Also nobody cares ^5 NGG.

-Something else ugh what was it.

Tell NGG that now is the time to write their long-winded rants on what made the classics so great and why the new games fail to translate that. And credit me for the discovery!